The financial and tax world is changing, because of the increasing globalization and digitization. The Vietnamese finance and tax system is also becoming  more and more complicated. Companies often waste a lot of time struggling with finance and tax issues. Therefore, it is fundamental to choose a qualified professional consultant, who both understands the international business and knows how to deal with the complexity of Vietnamese laws and regulations.


Created in 2007, Le & Associates has quickly become a renowned law firm, providing all financial and tax services to both domestic and foreigner clients. We offer practical and high quality solutions to solve any fiscal, financial and administrative issue our clients might be facing. To do so, our team of consultants and experts is well-equipped with professional knowledge and practical skills, to accurately solve from the smallest fiscal detail, up to the general guiding strategy and vision behind your business. Our dedication to outstanding standards, absolute accuracy and optimal solutions is why our clients choose us year after year.


Le & Associates provides a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses in a variety of industries, including: accounting service, tax consulting service, inspection service, opening or deactivating tax code service, … At Le & Associates, we work tirelessly to meet each client’s needs, and to promote their business activities, in our ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Consulting service

With the aim of replacing the entire accounting division, we accompany your business in order to support and establish a proactive financial management system. We detect and solve your issues by:

  • Providing an auditing unit to audit/review/examine your case and issue an auditing report at the end of the fiscal year (for enterprises);
  • Periodically examining and evaluating the accuracy and legality of your documents, invoices and vouchers (related to tax and accounting);
  • Providing guidance on making, checking and keeping your books, financial reports, VAT, CIT, PIT reports, monthly, quarterly and year-end, according to the laws;
  • Consulting on balancing incomes, expenses, interest and loss;
  • Representing your enterprise to deal with the competent authorities;
  • Offering instructions to implement procedures related to finance and tax, in relation with the Vietnamese competent authorities;
  • Timely providing recommendations about any problem arising from financial and tax activities;
  • Training and guiding the accountants of your enterprise (if any), to standardize and complete the set of your accounting records.

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