When you are facing a legal issue with your business or with a professional relationship, losses and risks can quickly go out of control. When litigation is unavoidable, good litigators will guide you through difficult disputes.


After more than a decade of litigation processes, Le & Associates has covered the wide range of complex disputes in many sectors such as commerce, construction, infrastructure, information technology, intellectual property, energy and employment. We also manage all phases of the litigation process from the investigation and pleadings in first-instance, to the appeal process. We success by finding effective solutions to even the most complex litigation challenges.


Our litigators are diligent, prudent, creative, wholehearted and they will bring efficiency and expertise to every dispute. We understand the best application of local laws and all its  procedural tricks. Specifically, we acquired perfect mastery of persuasion, which will conduct the litigation process to the best solution for our client. Since each dispute is unique, and each client must be handled differently, our team is used to carefully craft a specific solution for each client. Therefore, Le & Associates can properly represent you at every stage in order to negotiate and convince the judge(s) to protect your rights, and maximize your chances to obtain a favorable decision


To begin with, our lawyers will listen carefully to obtain a clear understanding of your situation. We review all of your documents, such as relevant contracts and transactions. In more complex cases, they will also conduct additional factual investigation, legal research and analysis, in order to properly advise you on the best course of action. Based on our experience, the early stage of litigation is the most important, because they decide the success of the following steps.


After conducting an adequate investigation of the facts, and a  sufficient/proper legal research, in order to develop an overall strategy for your litigation, Le & Associates will prepare your initial pleadings: the written complaint/petition if you are the plaintiff, or the written answer to the complaint/petition if you are the defendant. We also thoroughly cooperate and discuss with you to carefully draft every step before submitting the pleadings.


During the discovery stage, each party is required to expose their relevant documents and answer questions asked by the other parties. On your behalf, Le & Associates will exchange all your relevant information with the other parties, as well as gather and examine all evidences. Such process will help us obtain all the necessary information, identify the main issues, and formulate litigation strategies.


During the mediation, Le & Associates’ lawyers will provide you advice, and make recommendations about the settlement offer. Thereby, we can counsel you to take the case to trial or not.


Before implementing judicial proceedings, we completely prepare our claims, affidavits, witnesses statements, and any other essential (procedural) document. During the trial, we represent you to confront with to the opposing party, with keen arguments and valuable evidences. By using our experienced litigation skills, we convince the judge(s) to protect your legitimate/lawful rights and interests. The most important priorities during the trial will be to immediately identify the main issues, deftly ask questions and answer, as well as smartly determine the beneficial elements to win your case. Le & Associates’ lawyers have acquired all those skills, after a decade of practice.


If your trial goes badly, we will continue to represent you during the appeal instance, before the appellate court. At this stage, we will work tirelessly to draft post-trial motions, identify the major issues during the appeal instance, develop the best appellate strategies, gather evidences for the appellate records, research on procedural issues, draft any relevant appellate documents, and present your arguments before the appellate court.


Whatever dispute you may be facing, getting/looking for expert legal advice at an early stage of the procedure will often offer you the best chance of a quick resolution. No matter the complexity or the scale of your dispute, we have enough experience and expertise to assist you. We focus on offering practical and commercial legal solutions to solve your disputes as efficiently as possible.

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