Nowadays, employers are facing many challenges when managing a global workforce. You have to comply with frequently changing local labor laws, and you also have to solve day-to-day employment issues in your business.


At Le & Associates, our lawyers have extensive experience in advising employers on the full spectrum of day-to-day labor legal matters such as human resource recruitment, disciplinary issues, medical absences, performance management, employees’ grievances, business restructuring, … Our careful work aims to ensure that the suggested solutions are appropriately reflecting the concrete employment issues of your organization and your regulatory duties as employer.

HR policy drafting and reviewing

Le & Associates daily works with employers before the signature of their employment contracts to ensure that their human resource (HR) policy is consistent with Vietnamese laws.

We tailor our services according to your company’s specific demands.

  • You are a multinational company, and you are planning to apply your standard HR Policy to your Vietnamese subsidiaries? However, you would like to check if your standard HR Policy is compliant with local regulations? Our lawyers can assist you in the evaluation of your Policy, and in drafting of amendments afterwards, to make it consistent with Vietnamese labor laws.
  • Your company has not designed an adequate HR Policy yet? Our lawyers provide you the ground rules in the clearest and simplest way in order to help you to limit beforehand the damages arisen from a labor dispute.
  • Your company has just been establishe? Our lawyers can assist you in drafting a HR policy/ collective labor agreement, suitable for your business strategy.

Employment contracts and executive agreement

Our skilled lawyers are used to negotiate the terms of employment and executive agreements, in order to achieve a mutually beneficial situation for both employer and employee:

  • To protect the employer’s best interests, we can assist you in order to negotiate favorable terms in the contract.
  • To protect the employees’ rights, we carefully review any employment contract, and we guide you through any due process related to labor regulations, such as advance notice of termination, collective labor disputes, …

HR Compliance

  • We advise and assist you through all the recruitment process, from employment advertisement, interviews, contract writing, probation period,…;
  • We offer you guidance on employee benefits and executive compensation, including incentive plans and taxation;
  • We advise you on recruitment of foreign employees, including on visas and work permits procedures;
  • We help you to draft an appropriate response procedure for workplace accident or health and safety incident;
  • We advise you on employee training and education, as well as any working commitement.

Dispute Resolutions

    • Our skilled lawyers also help our clients, both employees and employers, to settle their labor disputes on various legal matters, such as insurance, labor harassment, working safety, discipline, dismissal, termination of labor contract, …
    • We advise you in handling boardroom disputes, claims on severance payment, discrimination or harassment, …;
    • We assist you on whistle-blower related disputes, retaliation claims and labor investigations;
    • We support you through disputes on revelation/disclosure of trade secret and unfair competition.

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