How much have you used for branding strategy every year? How long have you build your identification and recognition to make memorable impression on your consumers? Answering those questions means that you are also aware of the worth of trademark protection, especially trademark is monopoly protected within the territory it is registered and designated. Prevention is always better than a cure or following up a dispute on trademark violation because Vietnam IP law provides a principle of first-to-file for Trademark registration.


Le & Associates is proudly to be an Industrial Property Agent adequately licensed by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. Playing a role as the trusted and professional adviser for IP right holders, Le & Associates has been encouraging and assisting not only domestic clients but also for international clients.

Register for the Trademark Certificate

  • To perform intensive search on client’s trademark and advising on its eligibility for granting trademark certificate;
  • To advise and represent client to perform procedures for registering trademark;
  • To remind renewal and provide renewal service;
  • To advise and represent for client to proceed with opposition, appeal and invalidation of trademark registration;

Trademark related transaction

  • Advising and representing client to negotiate Assignment and License Agreements;
  • Advising and representing transfer of Trademark or other relevant matter in case of M&A, re-structuring;
  • Advising on contributing capital through intangible assets – trademarks.

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