Mediation isn’t straightforward because it depends on the willingness of the involved parties to accept the mediation results. How to prove your rights and interests? How to demonstrate the other party’s violation? And how to convince the mediator to agree with your opinion? If you win, how to enforce the other party to implement the mediation result? That’s why you need  Le & Associates’ lawyers – who understand your legal issues and are familiar with the mediation process in Vietnam.


Le & Associates mediation lawyers have received specialized training on how to represent Clients effectively through mediation. By researching carefully your case, we will counsel legal regulations and provide strategies which allow you to make the best representation. We also try to make sure that you’ve prepared the right evidences for your case, so that you can take advantage in mediation sessions.

Representing client during mediation process

We will represent client to work with the other party, participate in mediation, dialogue at the Mediation Center / Court and advise client on all legal matters arising in the process.

Counseling on selection / appointment of commercial mediator

We will counsel on the selection and appointment of commercial mediator in case parties agree to settle dispute at Mediation Center

Ensuring execution of the other party after mediation successful

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