Outbound investments from Vietnam have being continuously increasing thanks to the establishment of new free trade areas. Free trade areas usually drive local enterprises to seek investment opportunities in foreign markets.


Our  offices are led by well-known Vietnamese lawyers, who have been  recognized as eminent experts within the Vietnamese legal  community. They are native Vietnamese speakers, in order to communicate with our Vietnamese clients, and they are perfectly fluent in English to liaise with overseas partners of our clients and with our network of international law practitioners, for the correct implementation of our client’s outbound investment projects.


Locating in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and Quang Ninh – three  Vietnamese cities bustling with investments and having worked for nearly fifteen years in Vietnam, we acquired vast experience in  advising  all industry sectors, especially in mining, energy, real estate, agriculture, and trade.

Request for Outbound Investment Certificate

  • Design optimal investment structure for the project (e.g. under the form of either a representative office, a branch, a subsidiary or a partnership), in compliance with both the Vietnamese laws and the host country laws;
  • Advising on the preparation of the investment project, which includes the assessment of purposes of the project and its feasibility, targets and capacity of the project, investment schedule, investment financial aspects and its economic value, required labor force,…
  • Preparing and/or reviewing the investment dossier and relevant documents;
  • Advising on and performing the administrative procedures related to the obtaining of the required approvals from the Ministry of Planning and Investment to invest overseas.

Establishment of enterprise in host country

  • To conduct research on the legal environment and framework of targeted host countries in order to advise Clients on regulations stipulating enterprise establishment;
  • To draft and prepare dossier for enterprise registration in host country and/or represent for Clients to submit them;
  • To advise on foreign currency payments in accordance with the Vietnamese strict foreign exchange policies;
  • To assisting clients in preparing periodic and annual reports, according to the outbound investments regulation, or upon request of Vietnamese competent governmental authorities;
  • To supporting clients through any negotiation with their strategic partners, at all stages of the investment process.

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