Regarding to insurance area, our attorneys are specialized in resolving disputes, especially in helping clients to recover insurance benefits. Also, they developed intensive knowledge on customary practices of the insurance sector, in order to advise clients in case their claim has been denied. In addition, our attorneys are used to handle a wide variety of insurance contracts, such as insurance resulting from car accidents, workers’ compensation,…


If you have a dispute with your insurance company, or if your claim has been  denied or undervalued, contact us now to know more about your rights.

Legal consultations

  • Counseling on regulations and practice of laws in the field of insurance business such as certain rules that insurance companies must comply with during the course of operation; regulations relating to cooperating, competing and bidding in insurance business;…
  • Consulting and providing necessary detailed instructions for individuals and organizations intending to buy insurance (Including Compulsory Insurance & Non-compulsory insurance);
  • Advising on conditions, procedures for obtaining Establishment and Operation License for foreign-invested insurance enterprises, insurance brokerage enterprises and branches of foreign non-life insurance enterprises ; Licenses for setting up representative offices of foreign insurance enterprises and foreign insurance broker enterprises in Vietnam.

Consultations on compulsory insurances

  • Counseling on the rate of insurance contributions in accordance with law;
  • Counseling on salary rates to participate in insurance;
  • Benefits of social insurance, social insurance benefits, …
  • Benefits for unemployment insurance and unemployment benefits;
  • Health insurance regime;
  • Maternity;
  • Insurance regime for labor accidents and occupational diseases;
  • Pension regime;
  • Sicknesses;
  • Advice on survivor benefits.

Insurance Claims Handling - Advising and Representing

  • Advising insurance enterprises in the process of settling insurance claims and disputes with their Clients;
  • Advising & providing necessary notes & instructions to the policyholders in the process of solving insurance claims and disputes.

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