Vietnam is considered as a strategic location for foreign companies operating throughout all Southeast Asia. Once a foreign investor has set its trading company up in Vietnam, one of its main priorities should be gaining a strong understanding of the Vietnamese import and export regulations and procedures. In addition, foreign investors need to find appropriate advice on all the legal matters arising from international trade transactions, such as the applicable law of the contract, insurance law and maritime law as well as customary principles applying to commercial practices. Also, our team has earned the necessary experience to become the ideal law firm to assist our clients in their internationalization process, insuring them the minimization of risks regarding any international operation.

To tailor and review client's international trade contracts, distribution agreements, contracts for logistic services

To advise client on compulsory licenses and certificates

To guide client through import – export compliance procedures and risk control measures

To help client draft insurance contract as well as selecting customs brokers or agents

To assist client in case of claims, disputes, litigations; represent for client to work with Vietnamese authorities

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