Do you want a team to help you draft an effective arbitration clause that will maximize your advantages in the contract? Do you seek experienced lawyers skilled in arbitration proceedings in Vietnam? Le & Associates has dedicated its work for decades to deliver a  full range of services in order to meet our clients’ expectations. We know how to effectively advocate across different legal regimes, therefore provide you with a smart, practical and cost-efficient (legal) support.


As disputes are increasingly solved by the way of arbitration, we’re used for arbitration procedures to serve clients from diverse jurisdictions. Above all difficulties confronted and overcome, we  successfully represent our clients in arbitration procedures spanning several industries, including insurance, finance, infrastructures, or commercial activities, arising from joint ventures, international sale and purchase agreements, agency agreements, consulting agreements, or shareholders’ agreements, …


No matter how hard your case can be, our team will always  fully work to guard your rights and interests. Our aim is to help you maximize the advantages from all your evidences and minimize all risky possibilities potentially affecting your arguments. Le & Associates considers your success as our pride, so please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to provide you with a great help.

Our steps to help clients resolve disputes via arbitration:

  • Discussing with client about the dispute, for example the violated contract or the infringed right from an applicable investment treaty;
  • Reviewing the contract or the applicable treaty, as well as the relevant documents;
  • Gathering all evidences and speaking with the potential witnesses;
  • Depending on your case, we review, draft, and prepare the necessary documents such as a petition and its enclosed documents, or a self-defense statement, in accordance with the applicable arbitration rules, and submit them to the competent arbitration institution;
  • In order to constitute the tribunal/arbitration council, on your behalf, we will propose an impartial and independent arbitrator;

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