You want to start a business in Vietnam, but you are puzzled as you try to find out about the applicable legal framework? The lawyers of Le & Associates will provide you with a full range of comprehensive legal services to support you throughout all stages of the evolution of your business.


Through our 12 years of experience, we have been accumulating an extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the local commercial, legal culture and of the practical use of Vietnamese business forms. Besides, since our office has been working in the context of a growing globalization and increasing foreign investments into Vietnam, we have been developing our services in accordance with international standards of quality, in order to offer you a concrete answer to your concerns, and also to make you feel confident and satisfied through the evolution of your business.


At Le & Associates, you will find professional experts to advice you on how to operate your business, in accordance with the current regulations.


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Enterprise establishment

If you are planning to establish a business in Vietnam, you should take some basic legal issues into consideration, such as the corporate form, the partnership agreement (if the creation of your business will be supported by other investors), management structures, the company charter, … Le & Associates provide full consultations on establishing an enterprise in Vietnam.

Corporate compliance

Corporate compliance is the process of making sure that your company follows the laws, regulations, standards, policies and various demands. No matter what industry your business is in, corporate compliance is an essential part of operations. You should especially keep a watchful eye on an ever-changing legal and regulatory climate when conducting business in Vietnam to make any necessary changes for the business to continue operation in good standing. If legal and language barrier makes you confused, contact us now to prepare all required procedures in accordance with Vietnam law

Business restructuring

When your business has a renewal in its organizational structure or its business model, you should be careful about legal matters arising from this restructuring operation, such as tax, finance, licenses, employees, … All these legal issues should be carefully considered to assess how the company restructuring will affect each element, and what will be the best solution to facilitate the process and to save time.

While you will be focusing on your business strategy and its financial plan, Le & Associates can assist you through all the process. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any obstacle in the enforcement of your restructuring.

Enterprise liquidation

The liquidation of your company consists in its closure, when no debt remains, or when every remaining debt or exceptional payment can be fully settled. In such situation, many conditions must be satisfied to properly liquidate your business, such as tax obligations, employment settlement/arrangement, contracts finalization and debts payment.

If anyone objects to with the liquidation, or you are struggling with your tax obligations, or the necessary administrative paperwork, Le & Associates can assist you through the whole process, and point out the best option/solution for your business

Commercial activities

Le & Associates provides you comprehensive legal services for all kinds of commercial activities, such as sale of goods, services, manufacturing, agency, franchised (businesses). Our skilled lawyers will highlight the potential risks arising from your specific commercial activity to tailor adequate solutions and protect your interests effectively

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