Thanks to substantial investments in transport and energy infrastructures as well as affordable housing projects, the Vietnamese construction sector is expected to keep growing significantly. Furthermore, the new master plan for the seaport system development through 2020 represents a great opportunity for foreign investors, since the government is planning to increase the capacity of the  seaport infrastructures. Besides, the new rural building program for 2016–2020 aims to construct schools, hospitals, roads, water-treatment facilities and many other infrastructures in rural areas.


However, huge opportunities are always accompanied by huge risks, yet investors are expecting high profits from these opportunities. From our extensive experience of the construction sector, Le & Associates can tailor the best legal solutions suitable for your business plan. Our lawyers will devotedly assist our clients in order to  support the construction industry, by dedicating substantial amount of time, as well as knowledge and brainpower, to improve and protect such industry.


Contact us now to learn more about the construction sector in Vietnam and get specific advice suitable for your business.

To represent clients in their negotiations from project investors and construction companies to construction materials suppliers

To analyze all the potential risks and profile clients

To guide client through the project transfer

To support bidders by drafting the tender and all the project documentation

To assist client through the resolution of disputes arising from construction projects from the earliest stages of the dispute

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