Nowadays, technology transcends a cross-disciplinary activity, which is important for many sectors of the global economy. Technology’s pace of change has strongly and relentlessly increased since the last century, and its progress impacts every business.


Le & Associates has developed specific knowledge and experience on the legal background of new technologies, therefore  accompany your business in its transition to stay innovative and profitable. By continuously providing advice in this area, our lawyers will be able to find the best legal answer to your issues on technology and innovation.

E-commerce activity

E-commerce faces similar issues that traditional businesses may encounter in its daily commercial operations. However, there are some specificities associated with the Vietnamese Law on e-transactions. Our lawyers and experts are always updated to adapt our practice and advice to new difficulties that are particularly challenging digital commercial activities.

Software compliance

E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular for business activities. Understanding the legal provisions on e-commerce helps businesses comply with legal conditions, Le & Associates supports businesses to:

  • Notify / register e-commerce website;
  • Notify / register e-commerce application;
  • Register domain name;
  • Explain and work with competent authorities about website/application operations.

Ip rights and IP disputes

While litigating in technology disputes, our lawyers are used to solve now well-known difficulties, especially when the dispute involves intellectual property rights protected in different jurisdictions or through lenghty judicial procedures. Such protection and disputes need an extensive professional and technical expertise, as well as increased due consideration to confidentiality. If you have any legal issue on intellectual property or technology, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers and experts to help you to find an effective and suitable solution.

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