Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in Vietnam is regulated by a various range of laws and regulations. Criteria to assess if a merger or an acquisition aren’t clearly stated. In a few words, such scarcity of transparent legal regulation causes uncertainties for foreign investors such as complicated required conditions and lengthy processes in order to obtain the M&A approval; vague legal sanctions in case of breach of representation or warranty; A need from both parties to protect themselves by discussing in considerable details their main liabilities, in case of violation of the provisions of the share(s) sale and purchase agreement.


We are especially involved in merger and acquisition transactions since established. Our dedicated multidisciplinary advisory services are underpinned by thorough investigation into transaction conditions, practical experience in financial & commercial activities and a great integration of legal & financial lawyers and experts.


We accompany you in all 3 stages: preparing a solid legal foundation before executing M&A transactions; Performing deal strategically to optimize benefits and maximize profit; Finishing all legal, financial, tax and related procedures for stable operation of your business after M&A deal.


Contact now Le & Associates at: (024) 73 096 239 / 1900 6239, or by email at: to successfully complete an operation of merger or acquisition.

Before M&A transaction

We assist clients in preparing a solid legal basis before conducting M&A transactions:

  • To perform due diligence in order to evaluate all legal aspects of the target company, including ongoing business operations, licenses, compliance, tax, intellectual property, commercial contractual relations, employment, litigation or administrative sanctions,…
  • To evaluate and advise clients on building an effective M&A strategy;
  • To counsel on required M&A conditions, especially in case of conditional sectors.

In M&A transaction

Le & Associates optimize strategies in M&A transaction for your best benefits:

  • To review and evaluate the legality of M&A documents;
  • To draft legal documents, agreements and contracts to maximize clients’ interest;
  • To assist clients in negotiating and dealing the transaction.

Post M&A transaction

We advise client on legal procedures to complete the M&A transaction and execute business operation:

  • To advise on changing company’s information such as company’s form, representatives, capital charter;…;
  • To follow up execution of parties to ensure contract compliance.

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