Patent adequately safeguards your invention from infringement where someone makes, uses, purchase without obtaining a license from the patent holder. To enjoy the benefit of such exclusive protection for your invention or utility solution, the initial step we can assist you is filling an application.


Le & Associates is proudly to be an Industrial Property Agent adequately licensed by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. Playing a role as the trusted and professional adviser for IP right holders, Le & Associates has been encouraging and assisting not only domestic clients but also for international clients.

Register for Patent/Utility Solution

  • Conducting searches and providing you with advice on registrability;
  • Providing services of patent Proof reading to meticulously filter errors from the Patent drafts and specifications, which finally helps in avoiding any uncalled damage;
  • Advising, preparing, filling and following- up patent applications;
  • Advising and representing the Clients in paying annual fees;
  • Reminding renewal and providing renewal service;
  • Advising and representing the client to proceed with opposition, appeal and invalidation of Patent Registration.

Patent/Utility solution related transaction

  • Advising and representing client to negotiate Assignment and License Agreements;
  • Advising and representing transfer of Patents or other relevant matter in case of M&A, re-structuring.

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